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HELP Support Free Speech at NMSU

Dear Las Crucens,

You may have heard that New Mexico State University is being pressured by our City and State elected officials to restrict free speech on campus. This is in response to Matt Walsh speaking at NMSU recently.

Senators Hamblen and Soules, Representative Rubio, Mayor Pro Tem Gandara, and Las Cruces City Councilors Graham, Corran, and Bencomo all signed a letter against the University having allowed this event to occur.

Senator Carrie Hamblen is scheduled to meet with NMSU President Gogue and Jewel Navarette (from Young America's Foundation) on Friday to discuss this.

For more info here go here:

HOW TO HELP: Show Support for Free Speech at NMSU

Please email NMSU President Gogue and the Board of Regents to show your support for their actions in allowing free speech on campus. Urge them to continue to protect free speech on campus.

  • Email addresses:,

  • Please customize your message. You can use this as a starting point: Thank you for upholding free speech on campus at NMSU. Universities, of all places, should welcome the airing of opposing viewpoints and earnest discussion. Please continue to uphold the right of free speech at NMSU.

  • If you are an NMSU alumni or have relatives attending school there, it would be good to mention that as well.

Standing with you in solidarity, Sarah Smith Free People of the Southwest (local) New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (statewide)

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