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LCPS Committee Votes to KEEP Graphic Sexual Book in High School

Dear Las Crucens, THANKS TO THE MANY OF YOU WHO SHOWED UP IN SUPPORT OF OUR EFFORTS AT THE BOOK REVIEW HEARING YESTERDAY! Your support means a lot to me and Juan, and also showed the community that there are many people who care about this issue. Nonetheless, in a 6-to-1 vote, the Las Cruces Public Schools book review committee VOTED TO KEEP THE GRAPHIC SEXUAL BOOK, Jack of Hearts and Other Parts, in the Mayfield High School library. Now it is up to the LCPS superintendent to make the final decision.

THE SCHOOL DISTRICT WILL NOT POST THE VIDEO OF THE HEARING ON THEIR WEBSITE. However, you can watch the video of the hearing here. 👇👇👇 NOTE: This video includes the reading of graphic excerpts from the book and is not appropriate for children.

ALL FOUR OF THE LAS CRUCES PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS ON THE COMMITTEE VOTED TO KEEP THIS BOOK. The book contains inappropriate content including graphic descriptions of pedophilia, an underage student having bondage sex with an older man, a school coach having sex with a student in the locker room, kids having many sex partners, kids drinking alcohol to the point of blacking out, and much more.

Providing this type of content to children VIOLATES BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL LAW, but nonetheless the committee voted to keep the book. They're not even hiding the fact that they think it is okay to provide children with explicit content.

THIS IS NOT OVER. Depending on the Superintendent's decision, there is also an appeal process that can be used to take this complaint directly to the school board.



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