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LCPS Superintendent's Decision on Explicit Book

Dear Las Crucens, Here is an update on the situation with the formal book challenge that was filed with Las Cruces Public Schools (LCPS) about The Jack of Hearts and Other Parts book at Mayfield High School (MHS). This book contains graphic sexual content, including pedophilia, that is not appropriate for children. You can view the content of the book here: BOOK COMPLAINT RESPONSE FROM SUPERINTENDENT RUIZ

Following the formal hearing on October 12, the decision was up to LCPS Superintendent Ruiz to decide whether or not to keep the book in the MHS library. I received the response letter from Superintendent Ruiz yesterday, and he has decided to keep the book in the school. He has deemed it to be "age appropriate" and did not find the content to be "pervasively vulgar."

NEXT STEPS Juan Garcia (CCIA) and I will be filing a formal appeal against the Superintendent's decision. Per the district policy, that appeal will allow the LCPS school board to vote on whether to overturn the Superintendent's decision. We know the likely outcome of the appeal process, but nonetheless it is important to complete the district's process before we take additional steps. We are working on several other initiatives for this as well, in a strategic way, so we can continue to challenge the Superintendent's decision. This book has no place in a taxpayer funded high school, and we will continue the fight. HOW YOU CAN HELP We need to raise public awareness of this issue. Parents and grandparents, especially, need to know about this book and the Superintendent's decision. Please share this link widely:


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