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PLEASE ATTEND: Graphic Sexual Book Review Hearing Oct 12

Dear Las Crucens, Will you please attend a meeting on October 12 to show support for removal of a graphic inappropriate sexual book from the Mayfield High School library? FORMAL HEARING FOR INAPPROPRIATE BOOK As a result of the complaint filed by myself and Juan Garcia (CCIA), there is a formal hearing scheduled for Thursday October 12 at 5pm. At this meeting, a committee of 4 teachers and 3 parents will be discussing whether or not to recommend that Jack of Hearts and Other Parts should be removed from the school library. Juan and I will be given time to present to the committee (as the complainants). At least 2 of the members of this committee are very progressive and efforts have been made in media coverage to mischaracterize the nature of our book complaint. After this hearing, the LCPS superintendent will have time to review the committee's recommendation before making a final decision by mid-November. NOTE: If you want to see the content in the book so you can judge for yourself whether it is appropriate for being in a school, I've uploaded photos of the book pages here: PLEASE ATTEND OCT 12 MEETING Will you please attend the Oct 12 meeting? There is likely to be a large showing of people who are opposed to our efforts, and we need a large number of people to show up in support of removing this book from the school. This is very important for showing the committee that people care and are in support of the book removal.

  • WHAT: Formal Hearing for Jack of Hearts book complaint

  • WHEN: Meeting starts at 5pm on Thursday October 12. It is recommended to arrive by 4:30pm to ensure you can get a seat in the room.

  • WHERE: LCPS Board Room, 505 S Main Street, Las Cruces 88001

NOTE: You will not be able to make public comments about the book at the meeting. Several people have signed up to make public comments, but the deadline has already passed for anyone else to sign up to make a comment.

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