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SAT AUG 19: Sign Petitions in Las Cruces & Chaparral!

Dear New Mexicans,

We are still working to challenge NM's new laws that allow children's transgender and abortion care without parental consent. If you haven't signed the petitions to get these laws on the voting ballot, here's your chance!

On Saturday August 19, there will be two petition signing events in Las Cruces and Chaparral.

IN ADVANCE: Please look up your Voting Precinct, as you will have to write this in when you sign the petition. This is NOT the same as your ward.


WHEN: Saturday August 19, 11am-2pm

WHERE: Olhausen Pool Tables, 2255 E Lohman Ave, Las Cruces 88001



WHEN: Saturday August 19, 8am-1pm

WHERE: Dolores Wright Park, 400 E Lisa, Chaparral 88081



Check out this video to learn why we're standing up against these laws.



  • NM’s Constitution allows the people to challenge laws that are passed by the legislature.

  • If we can get enough petition signatures, the Bills are required to be put on the ballot at the next General Election (which is in Nov 2024).

  • We are aiming for 72,000 signatures statewide (6,000 for Doña Ana County) by Oct 2023 so we can get these laws on the ballot in Nov 2024 for general election.


These are the laws that we are challenging: Health Bills • HB7

  • Unrestricted access to abortion or transgender services for minors without parental consent

  • Strips municipalities of the right to restrict access to abortion and gender transitioning services

  • Penalizes teachers, nurses, etc with $5,000 fine if they “interfere” with access to abortion or gender transitioning services by telling parents

  • Does not allow people to opt-out of participation due to moral or conscience objections

• SB13

  • Protections for out-of-state providers and patients who come to New Mexico for abortions or gender-changing procedures

  • Violates free speech protections by silencing electronic communications related to abortion or transgender procedures

  • Gives no age restrictions or requirements for parental notification for minors to receive abortion or transgender services

• SB397

  • Increases funding for school-based health clinics and expands access to abortion and gender-changing procedures on school grounds

  • $3 million in "recurring" taxpayer funds for the Dept of Health to operate and expand "school-based health clinics"

  • Clinics offer sexual and "reproductive health" services

  • Clinics expected to include elective transgender procedures without parental involvement or consent

Anti-Religious Freedom Bill • HB207

  • Forces public facilities and businesses who contract with the state to comply with mixed gender bathrooms and locker rooms to satisfy gender affirmation

  • Prohibits faith-based organizations from limiting services to people who do not hold the same beliefs

  • For example, if a faith-based organization contracts with the government to provide foster care placement, but refuses to recognize same-sex couples as a home for placement, they will be in violation of this bill

Election Bills • SB180

  • Forces counties to use internet-connected poll books

  • Requires all special elections to be performed by absentee voting

  • Removes safeguards around having a minor serve on an election board

  • Prevents release of election information to public

• HB4

  • Allows convicted felons to vote immediately upon release (even if still on parole)

  • Mandates increased use of drop boxes

  • Creates a permanent absentee voter list

  • Automatic voter registration through MVD and state agencies

Thanks in advance for your help as we challenge the bad bills! Standing with you in solidarity, Sarah Smith Free People of the Southwest New Mexico Freedoms Alliance

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