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Some GOOD News: Las Cruces Election Results

Dear Las Crucens,

Thanks to all of you who voted in yesterday's election! I wanted to share election results for Las Cruces with you. It wasn't all good news, but there were some great results that we can all be pleased with.

City Council and Mayor

  • Eric Enriquez (moderate Democrat candidate) won for Mayor against far-left progressive Kasandra Gandara (wife of Senator Soules). This is one time that the Rank Choice Voting actually worked out well, as Gandara was winning at the first round of voting but did not have the 51% of votes required to win. Enriquez outpaced her in picking up votes through 6 rounds of ranked voting.

  • Bill Mattiace (Independent and former Mayor of Las Cruces) won against progressive Tessa Abeyta for City Council District 2.

  • Unfortunately, far-left progressives Cassie McClure (District 1) and Johana Bencomo (District 4) won their races.

Overall, this is a net gain in conservatives/moderates on the Las Cruces City Council. School Board

  • Carol Cooper (conservative incumbent) is essentially tied at this point. A recount may be required on this election because the vote count is so close, with Cooper down by less than 30 votes.

  • School Board President Teresa Tenorio maintained her seat. There were two conservative candidates running against her who ended up splitting the vote, thereby enabling Tenorio to retain her seat.

  • Progressive Patrick Nolan (husband of City Councilor Bencomo) won his race to retain his position.

Overall, there may be a net loss of conservatives on the school board if Cooper loses in the recount. You can learn more about the Las Cruces Council and School Board election results here:,64385

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