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THANK YOU! Nat'l Day of Prayer was a SUCCESS!

Dear Las Crucens,

THANKS to all of you who contacted the County Commission and/or attended the National Day of Prayer yesterday.

Despite the County Commission voting that this event would not be held at the County building, this event went well on the north lawn of the building with no push back. ~100 people stood up for their rights by showing up to participate.

Commissioner Susana Chaparro (the only one who had voted to allow the event at the County Building) came out to speak and read the Prayer Proclamation. Several County workers joined the event. There were moving prayers for our country, first responders, govt officials, media, etc.

If you missed the County Commission voting to NOT allow the National Day of Prayer on County property, that is here:

Committee Chair Susana Chaparo was the ONLY COMMISSIONER who voted to allow the National Day of Prayer on County Property. Feel free to EMAIL/CALL COMMISSIONER CHAPARRO to thank her for her service.

  • Susana Chaparro - - (575) 525-5810

__________________________ Standing with you in solidarity, Sarah Smith Free People of the Southwest - local action New Mexico Freedoms Alliance - statewide action

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