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UPDATE: GRAPHIC Sexual Book at Las Cruces School

Dear Las Crucens,

Below is an update on the situation with the graphic inappropriate book that is in the Mayfield High School library. I'm grateful for collaboration with Juan Garcia (Coalition of Conservatives in Action) on this effort.

NOTE: If you want to see the content in the book so you can judge for yourself whether it is appropriate for being in a school, I've uploaded photos of the book pages here:


  • After meeting with the Mayfield High School (MHS) Principal and librarian, we submitted a formal book complaint against Jack of Hearts and Other Parts with the school district.

  • The school district is now in the process of selecting a committee to review this book. In the meantime, the MHS Principal has pulled this book from the library shelves so it will not be checked out.

  • A review hearing will occur in mid-October.


This is a hot topic, so there has been quite a bit of news coverage about it.

Juan and I were also interviewed about this issue by KRWG public radio. That interview is supposed to air on Tuesday 9/19 at 7:45am.

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